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What is the eXPe about?

The society is about creating a space for everyone to eXPerience their own new ideas, opportunities and also give them a true sight for the best way for living in the moment and planning for the future. eXPe helps you to make a better life for yourself and all the people that you care for.

Who create eXPe?

eXPe society made by Mehran. Shamshiri, Ali. Bordbar and all the elder eXPe associates in April-2015 to create a way of better living for everyone involved in.

What can eXPe do?

Anything. actuly better qustion for this, is: what eXPe cann't do! if you have an idea or want an opportunity let's we know.

How can i built a better life with eXPe?

You can make a better life with 2part beau-ideal plan with eXPe

Where can i find an eXPe member to join eXPe community?

Jsut follow your introducer or if you find us by yourselfe fill the contact form.

Do I have to pay my dues?

Not at all. It's %100 free.