eXPerience is everything...

Let the past become a part of your eXPerience, live the moment know and create your future.

eXPe society made by Mehran. Shamshiri, Ali. Bordbar and all the elder eXPe associates in April-2015 to create a way of better living for everyone involved in.
The society is about creating a space for everyone to eXPerience their own new ideas, opportunities and also give them a true sight for the best way for living in the moment and planning for the future. eXPe helps you to make a better life for yourself and all the people that you care for.
The only thing we need for creating that better life, is the concept of "Beau-Ideal". The Beau-Ideal is the most meaningful word that we ever heard. What "Beau-Ideal" mean is: Be a better person every single moment. For being that better person, we need to eXPerience life in these three levels. Your intellectuality, your mentality and your corporality.
Intellectual eXPerience: it's about your religion, the god and you're beliefs. Everything in this level is up to you. Everyone has their own beliefs and views, which is respectful as long as it's not harmful to anyone. Because of different points of views on this subject, eXPe society does not interfere in this level in any form. It's just you and your own intellectual intelligence.
Mental eXPerience: actually it is our main purpose, because every decision we've made so far, depends on our inner world; our mental eXPerience. So, changing how we think, can change how we act and how we eXPerience the world around us. Here in eXPe society, we have a lot of resources to learn and eXPerience the best ways of thinking and getting the best out of our everyday life. With our trainings, everyone has the opportunity to have the beau-ideal happen in their life. The great news is: we made a terrific idea that we call it: "Visual eXPerience". But we can't tell you any more about this until the launch moment.
Corporal eXPerience: your body is the only place you live in. You can change your house, you can change your clothes, even you can change your mind but not true with your body! This is the main reason you must care about your physical eXPerience. Thanks to Mr.Hasanzade (the world champion), eXPe has the greatest eXPerienced physical enhancement plan that helps you stay healthy. We can even teach you how to make an eXPerienced Body.
eXPe society built with these attitudes plans to make world a better place to live. our way is so clear, but no easy. So when you decide to be in the same way with us, don’t lose the time and do what you wish for…



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